Hi, I’m Simon

I crack business puzzles through software craftsmanship.

About me

I'm an enthusiastic programmer with an academic background in information management and economics. Beyond my passion for technology and data, I enjoy personal challenges like obstacle courses, marathons, and bouldering. I come from the village of Sloup in Czechia and have called Brno home since 2018.

I specialize in JavaScript for web and mobile development, focusing on various development methodologies, including behavior-driven and test-driven approaches. The Feynman technique inspired me to start blogging about my career and hobbies, sharing my experiences and knowledge.

My experience

Level.works logo

Level.works, a Dutch-based company, functions as a vital intermediary, connecting adept, flexible workers with enterprises offering opportunities in the blue-collar job sector. Their core mission revolves around establishing a seamless bridge between the diverse skills of their labor force and the specific demands of these businesses, nurturing a dynamic and harmonious employment ecosystem.

LOGEX Solution Centre logo

LOGEX Healthcare Analytics is a Dutch company specializing in healthcare analytics and solutions. They provide software and services designed to help healthcare organizations and professionals make data-driven decisions to improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Green Fox Academy logo

Green Fox Academy is a Hungarian-based coding bootcamp and tech education provider known for offering intensive coding courses in various programming languages, with an emphasis on practical skills and project-based learning. They provide job placement support and offer flexible learning options, including in-person, online, and part-time courses.